About Us

We are there to offer a sympathetic ear to listen to you, no matter what you want to talk about.


To bring people to salvation and wholeness in Christ;
To provide good Christian counsel to all hurting people whatever their religious background or lack thereof;
To develop centres countrywide and internationally;
To provide ministry to the community and thus lighten the load on local church leadership.



Telefriend is a care-line that provides emotional support to hurting people and brings them into wholeness through the love and grace of Christ Jesus.

Our Prayer Ministers

Our service is run by well trained volunteers.

All are committed to serving the Lord Jesus.

They are available to talk to you…


It is a relief to be able to talk to someone who will keep your chat confidential, allowing you to open up about your personal issues and problems.

Why Phone Us

We listen

There is something about being heard…….

We accept you

We are not here to judge, but accept you

We are there for you

It does’t matter what you want to talk about, we are there for you

Who we are

Articles of possible interest


Relationships – The Difficult Area


Relationships are difficult and yet they are how we relate to people around us. We can get hurt in relationships by, especially people closest to us – family, friends and even business partners

Bullies – Making Your Life Miserable


Bullies at school can make life growing up very hard, leading us to feel depressed and sad. We look at self-esteem, handling bullying and who to talk about it.

Self Worth – Are we Valuable?


Your self worth is not determined by what your friends, teacher or family says. Your value is as a Child of God and who he made you to be!

Loneliness and its Effect on You


Loneliness can really make us depressed – it may be  as a result of a loss or just social circumstances at the time. Anyway it can be a difficult thing to cope with.


You are Loved

Jesus Christ loves you unconditionally. He is the only answer to the hollowness we feel. We can search for all kinds of solutions, but He remains the only answer. He came to give us life and life in abundance (John 10:10)