About Us

Our Story


Telefriend is a Section 21 company (non-profit organisation) and was started in Pretoria in 1986 under the covering of Hatfield Christian Church.  It is a interdenominational Christian ministry offering prayer ministry through the Telephone and WhatsApp.

The vision of Telefriend is to start as many centres as possible, nationally and internationally, as God provides the opportunity.

Telefriend is not just restricted to the South African community.  We have seen the effectiveness of the telephone ministry in making an impact in the lives of callers, no matter what part of the world they are from.

You could host a Telefriend centre in your city, church or community and help make the difference in the lives of those around you.

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Our History


Derek Puffett founded Telefriend ministry in 1986. It was founded in Pretoria and soon centres had been opened in large centres in South Africa.

    Our Mission
  • To bring people to salvation and wholeness in Christ;
  • To provide good Christian counsel to all hurting people whatever their religious background or lack thereof;
  • To develop centres countrywide and internationally;
  • To provide ministry to the community and thus lighten the load on local church leadership.
  • Telefriend is a non-profit organisation which has offered a free prayer ministry and care-line service to communities and the nation since 1986.


But what sets us apart?
  • Reaching hurting people since 1986
  • Totally confidential
  • Anonymous – you are in control of the call all along
  • We are people who care 
Why Phone us. . .

Stress and trauma are taking an increasing toll on the mental and emotional well-being of people in our communities worldwide.

It has been said that approximately 80% of problems people experience originate in the home. 

Depression is a condition that affects all sectors of society.

Financial pressures in families cause stress and often affect our relationships.